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The 2d Cavalry Regiment conducts steady state garrison operations from Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Germany, in order to facilitate preparation for future full spectrum operations throughout EUCOM's area of responsibility.


2CR provides the 7th Army Training Command with a lethal and agile force capable of rapid deployment throughout the European theater in order to Assure allies, Deter adversaries, and when ordered, Defend the NATO alliance.


Comprised of 4,800 Soldiers from across the U.S, 2CR provides force packages with a full array of enablers to  support Assurance, Deterrence and Defense operations.





Unprecedented mobility and  persistent presence throughout the European theater, posture the Regiment to meet any threat and dictate the speed of combat. Dragoons excel at producing junior leaders able to operate under minimal guidance in a multinational environment. 



The Regiment fields 108 Infantry Squads, 340 Combat Vehicles, 118 Javelins and is conducting operations ranging from reassuring partners through focused engagement in the Republic of Georgia, training with Stinger missile launchers in Greece, to conducting joint NATO mounted maneuvers in Poland.


Critical to prototyping, testing and integrating new technology ranging from the 30mm cannon upgrade to ground-based electronic warfare systems used to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum, the European Command theater provides 2CR an opportunity to inform innovation and doctrine, provide maneuver concepts and ultimately contribute to the Operational  Force.